Milk from cattle farms in the protected area

Afuega’l Pitu cheese is made with milk from farms located in the protected geographical area.

Our cheese can be made with pasteurized or fresh milk. In the latter case, it has a minimum ripening of 60 days.

Leche de ganaderías de la zona protegida

Curdling without hurrying

The curd in Afuega ‘l Pitu cheese is basically acidic, made slowly over a period of 15-20 hours at a temperature of 22-32 ºC.

Cuajado sin prisa

Moulded by hand (ladle by ladle)"

After this natural process of souring, the artisans transfer the curd with care in a totally manual way. By means of a ladle, ‘garcilla’ in Asturian language, they put the curd in the typical moulds used in Afuega’l Pitu cheese.

Moldeado garcilla a garcilla

Manual salting, piece by piece

Afuega’l Pitu cheeses are salted piece by piece, adding salt manually to the curd in each of the moulds.

Salado manual pieza a pieza

Drained "without pressure"

The curd is drained slowly, as there is no pressing. There is only a "self-pressing" due to its own weight.

This draining is carried out in the mould itself for 24 hours and is then finished over perforated trays once the mould is removed.

Desuerado sin presión

Kneading and moulding in cloth, "in trapu"

Para dar la forma definitiva a las variedades “atroncau roxu”, “trapu blancu” o “trapu roxu”, los artesanos de este queso realizan un amasado de la pasta después de su primera estancia en los moldes característicos.. Esta labor se realiza en pequeñas amasadoras instaladas en las queserías que trabajan con mimo el amasado de las cuajadas; y su mezcla con el pimentón en las variedades de Afuega´l Pitu Roxu.

Finalizado el amasado se continua el desuerado y moldeado otras 24 horas: en molde troncocónico para la veriedad “atroncau roxu”; y en gasas típicas atadas en la parte superior para los “trapu blancu “ y “trapu roxu”.

Amasado y moldeado en trapu

Maduración "a diferentes edades"

To give the definitive shape to the varieties "atroncauroxu", "trapublancu" or "trapuroxu", the artisans knead the crust after it is taken out of the moulds. This work is carried out in the cheese factories themselves, using small kneading machines that handle the curds with care. Paprika is added at this point in the varieties of Afuega’l Pitu Roxu.

Maduración a diferentes edades

Packaging and labelling "Representation of still life with shapes and colours"

Once the desired maturation point is achieved, the cheeses are packaged and labelled. The commercial label of each cheese factory and the back label of the Regulatory Council, which certifies that it is a product certified by the PDO Afuega'l Pitu, are added to the packaging. Packaged and labelled cheeses are kept in cold rooms, at a controlled temperature, until they are dispatched.

Envasado y etiquetado bodegón de formas y colores

Back label of the Regulatory Council

To enjoy authentic Afuega'l Pitu cheese, look for this back label on the packaging!


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